Bumble Bee Cakes

The cakes feature Bumble bees and hives in there design and also my creation in the recipe of the cake within.

The cakes are fun and whimsical and can be used for any occasion!

The flavors of the sponge are;

Honey and caraway seed cake.

Vanilla and honey cake.

Honey and almond cake.

Earl grey tea and honey cake.

Lavender and honey cake.

Daisy cake


This beautiful elegant cake is coated and modeled from soft fondant icing.

The cake features lovely white and yellow daisy flowers, grass border and

bee figure on the top.

The cake comes in many sizes from cupcake size to 14″ round cake

prices start from;

cupcake size £3.50

10″ round cake £40.00


Bee birthday cake


This simple elegant cake is ideal for the adult birthday cake, or corporate cake.

The cake is coated and modeled flowers and bees are made from soft fondant icing.

This cake has a black ribbon border to compliment the lemon colour of the cake.

This cake comes in many sizes from cupcake size to 14″ square.

Prices start from £3.50 cupcake size

10″ square £40.00




Fun bee cake


This fun cake is shaped like a Bumble bee. Coated in yellow and black soft fondant icing with pastillage wings, flowers and lettering on a coated cake board.

Ideal for the young and young at heart!

Priced at £35.00




Bee hive and flower cake

This is a funny little cake almost cartoon like! The cake is modeled

like a bee hive in shape with large daisy flowers and lots of modeled

Bumble bees.

This cake takes time so is reflected in the price.

10″ cake £40.00





Special occasion Bee cake

This stunningly elegant cake is for special occasions!

The two tier cake is coated in soft fondant icing and the flowers and

Bumble bees are also modeled in soft fondant icing.

The cake is finished with a brown chequered ribbon border.

Price starts from £60.00 for a 10″ & topped  cake.




Chocolate Bee cake

This stunning cake is sat on a fondant coated board and covered in

chocolate flavored soft fondant icing. The cake features large bee,

Bee hive and daisies made from fondant icing. Finished with circles

of fondant with letters on the side, and chocolate ribbon round the board.

Starting price for 10″ cake £45.00





Yellow Bee Hive cake


This simplistic cake is visually appealing !

The three tier cake can be used for any fun occasion, and is

coated and modeled from soft fondant icing.

The cake features a door in the hive, daisy flowers and fun

bumble bees.

Priced at £45.00


Butter cream fantasy hive cake


This cake is a single dome shaped cake coated in smooth

Honey and lemon smooth butter cream.

The cake features realistic Royal iced Bees.


Price starts at £35.00



Elegant Bee & daisy cake


This elegant little cake is stunning visually and suitable for any occasion.

The cake is coated in honey coloured soft fondant icing.

The cake features a soft green grass border, fondant modeled daisy flowers

and realistic Royal iced Bumble Bee.

Price starts at £45.00


Bumble Bee Wedding cake

This beautiful whimsical wedding cake is wonderful for those

who love bees!

The cake is three tiers coated in lemon/honey coloured soft

fondant icing.

The cake features modeled daisy flowers and Bumble Bees made from fondant icing.

Finished with chocolate ribbons and bows.

Prices start from  £400.00


Flower and Bee cake


This whimsical cake is made up of a large dome cake, coated in

layers of honey coloured soft fondant icing.

The cake features large pink daisy flowers with some being on stalks

and green grass border.

Large modeled cartoon like bees being placed on the cake to finish it off.

Price starts at £40.00





first birthday bee cake


This pretty cake is ideal for first birthday or celebration first

anniversary corporate cake.

The cake is shaped in the number one this could be adapted to any number!

the cake is coated in a delicate lemon colour soft fondant icing.

The cake features shell piping and delicate bees and lettering from royal icing.

Price per number £35.00



Bumble Bee petite fours


These little petite four treats are ideal for any celebration.

These treats are made from marzipan, chocolate and fondant icing.

£5.00   per ten petite fours





Peanut butter an honey cup cakes


Large muffin style cup cakes!

This cup cake is made from organic ingredients incorporating

welsh honey and peanut butter.

Cakes are finished with honey butter cream and little bees.

price £3.00 each




comic bee cup cakes


Ideal for the fun occasion! These vanilla cakes are coated in dark chocolate,

popping dust and blue pastillage wafer wings!

Made from organic ingredients incorporated welsh honey.

Price £2.50 each







coffee cream bee cup cakes


Coffee an cream large muffin style cup cakes. The sponge has a good coffee

flavor and incorporates welsh honey.

The butter cream also has welsh honey and clotted cream.

Cakes feature a Bumble Bee lolly pop!

price £3.50 each





celebration mini bee cakes


These delightfully elegant little cakes are coated in soft

fondant icing and feature modeled bees and daisy’s.

Finished with small ribbon band.

£4.00 each





Bee wedding cup cake tower


This visually pleasing tower of elegant cakes  can be used for any occasion

but also for that ultimate occasion “wedding”

Each little cake is coated in soft fondant icing and topped with a fondant

modeled bee. Finished  with a green polka  dot ribbon.

Price £4.00 each




Daisy cup cakes


these little treasures are available in any of the above flavours.

They are finished with organic butter cream and fondant Bee’s

and fondant daisies.






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