Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off

The great British bake off first aired in 2010 bringing home baking back to popularity.

Hosted by renowned author and TV cook Mary Berry she became a well know celebrity cook always making and writing books for the average house wife.

She has published more than seventy five cookery books (her first being The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook in 1970) and hosted several television series for the BBC and Thames Television. Berry is an occasional contributor to Woman’s Hour and Saturday Kitchen. She has been a judge on the BBC One (originally BBC Two) television programme The Great British Bake Off since its launch in 2010.

I have followed Mary Berry since I was a little girl her recipes were and are easy to follow, ingredients readily available and taste really good.

She made it fun and introduced a whole new era of family baking.

Mums started introducing their children to the fun, creativity and pride in baking their own creations. In return the super markets started bringing out lots of new lines to help us, different size cake cases, easy toppings ready made and hundreds of decorative toppings to finish the cakes professionally.

The other judge on the great British bake off is Paul Hollywood known more for his bread and yeast goods, he is younger and his career does not span as long as Mary Berry yet.

The combination of these two judges has I believed helped make the show so appealing with both of them using their vast knowledge of baking to set the tasks for the competitors.

There are 12 competitors which as weeks go by get witted down to the final 3.

Every week is a different element which is judged over three element challenges which are signature bake, technical and show stopper.

This year then challenges consisted of;





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