How did you learn to bake

How and were did you learn to bake?

For me I grew up with a mother who was a house wife and who baked every weekend.
We would make typical British baked goods, she was patient to show how to put ingredients together so that they cooked and tasted good.
We would make sponge cake, fruit pie and sponge pudding, all always tasted good. Most of the time she never use a recipe book and with her pastry she never even weighed the ingredients.

When I grew up I became more adventurous and tried new recipes, also how to put new flavors together. I used recipe books but would tweak and alter the recipe to try new combinations.
I use natural ingredients use them to make the most of their flavor, to keep my cakes moist, different quantities and styles.
I try unknown flavors for cakes and mix them with well known flavors, the combinations either works or not!

I am not a conventionalist I like unusual, quirky and unique.
I bring everything natural and involve nature in my designs it is something I am passionate about.
I love creating new designs from a few elements a customer gives me and see how pleased they are when they see the finished cake.
I take the elements given and sit and see n my mind how to incorporate them and bring a cake design come to life.
It doesn’t matter if its children s or adult cakes I do my best.
How do you bake and what is your favorite recipes?

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