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How did you learn to bake

How and were did you learn to bake?

For me I grew up with a mother who was a house wife and who baked every weekend.
We would make typical British baked goods, she was patient to show how to put ingredients together so that they cooked and tasted good.
We would make sponge cake, fruit pie and sponge pudding, all always tasted good. Most of the time she never use a recipe book and with her pastry she never even weighed the ingredients.

When I grew up I became more adventurous and tried new recipes, also how to put new flavors together. I used recipe books but would tweak and alter the recipe to try new combinations.
I use natural ingredients use them to make the most of their flavor, to keep my cakes moist, different quantities and styles.
I try unknown flavors for cakes and mix them with well known flavors, the combinations either works or not!

I am not a conventionalist I like unusual, quirky and unique.
I bring everything natural and involve nature in my designs it is something I am passionate about.
I love creating new designs from a few elements a customer gives me and see how pleased they are when they see the finished cake.
I take the elements given and sit and see n my mind how to incorporate them and bring a cake design come to life.
It doesn’t matter if its children s or adult cakes I do my best.
How do you bake and what is your favorite recipes?


With each season of the year comes more fruit ripe and ready to pick, but with preservatives, freezing and shipments from foreign climates you can buy and use any fruit at any time of the year.

Is this right? In my opinion no, as seasonal fruit have the proper sugars in them, picked at the right time of year, they taste so much better.
Using seasonal full bodied flavor you get the best of the flavor so your cake, pudding or pie will taste at its best.

It does mean that you are limit in the flavors you can offer in any one season but, the ones you do produce will be good quality and flavor.
During a season look for locally produced ingredients, get to know the producer and look into how they produce the ingredient.

Try using organic ingredients, do a taste test using natural or organic to super market bought at cheaper cost.

Source regional recipes and tailor them to suite unique designed recipes, use ingredients that you can grow your self.

I have gardened organically all my life so for example I use rose petals from my garden to make a rose and honey cake.

Try incorporating flavors from different foods to make into cakes you would be surprised what works!

Try switching small cakes recipes into large cakes, loaves or biscuits like, mince pies into mincemeat cupcakes, mulled wine into mulled wine Christmas loaf/bar.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off

The great British bake off first aired in 2010 bringing home baking back to popularity.

Hosted by renowned author and TV cook Mary Berry she became a well know celebrity cook always making and writing books for the average house wife.

She has published more than seventy five cookery books (her first being The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook in 1970) and hosted several television series for the BBC and Thames Television. Berry is an occasional contributor to Woman’s Hour and Saturday Kitchen. She has been a judge on the BBC One (originally BBC Two) television programme The Great British Bake Off since its launch in 2010.

I have followed Mary Berry since I was a little girl her recipes were and are easy to follow, ingredients readily available and taste really good.

She made it fun and introduced a whole new era of family baking.

Mums started introducing their children to the fun, creativity and pride in baking their own creations. In return the super markets started bringing out lots of new lines to help us, different size cake cases, easy toppings ready made and hundreds of decorative toppings to finish the cakes professionally.

The other judge on the great British bake off is Paul Hollywood known more for his bread and yeast goods, he is younger and his career does not span as long as Mary Berry yet.

The combination of these two judges has I believed helped make the show so appealing with both of them using their vast knowledge of baking to set the tasks for the competitors.

There are 12 competitors which as weeks go by get witted down to the final 3.

Every week is a different element which is judged over three element challenges which are signature bake, technical and show stopper.

This year then challenges consisted of;





wk5-alternative ingredients






Daisy Teddy Bear Cake

This Daisy cake is the perfect 1st Birthday Cake for your little princess. The cake in the picture is made with pink fondant icing decorated with white silk flower. It is also decorate with an edible fondant teddy bear, the number 1 and writing of your choice made with royal icing.

The icing can be any color, as all colors match quite nicely with the white flowers.

As all our cakes are made from scratch to order, you can choose any aspect of the cake to make it totally unique, the flowers can be also of any color or design.

This cake design had the white flowers on the top only however, you can also have then on the side if you choose this option.

The cake filling for the one pictured is sponge with raspberry jam, other options are lemon, orange, vanilla or chocolate with any combination of butter cream. We will advise you of the best combinations if you decide this cake is the one for you. Prices start from £45.00

It can also be made with fruit cake.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

This uniquRed Velvet Wedding Cakee cake not only looks like chocolate but also tastes of chocolate.

It cake is a cholcoate lovers heaven. With four tiers of pure indulgence this is always the centrepice of any table.

There are four tiers however it equially works well with two or three. For the more hard core chocloate hunter, you could even have five or six!

This cake is elegant and traditional in style, the simplicity of the white works very well in contrast with the dark rich brown and looks truly fabulous!

With a filling of red velvet this cake is also stunning on the inside as well!
Cost dependant on number of tiers and  type of cake chosen.
Starting price £400.00


Cakes by us can be delivered locally and set up for you at your chosen venue.

Pagan Tree Wedding Cake

Pagan Tree Wedding CakeThis cake has it’s main design around a tree, with feature windows of leaves and mushrooms.
The leaves and mushrooms add a 3d effect. The cake is coated and modelled from soft fondant icing in  variety of colours.
Price starts from £500.00 dependent on size and filling. Local venues can include delivery and set up.

Fun Bee Cake

This fun cake is shaped like a Bumble bee. Coated in yellow and black soft fondant icing with pastillage wings, flowers and lettering on a coated cake board.

Ideal for the young and young at heart!

Priced at £35.00

Coffee and Walnut cake

Coffee and Walnut cakeAll mother’s day cakes come in a variety of flavors.

Extra special chocolate range available

chocolate cake with added galaxy, lindt or cadbury’s chocolate shavings or curls.

fillings from my peanut butter cream to nutella cream also chocolate, cherry brandy cake in this range!

This cake has the flavor of good quality instant coffee, chopped organic walnut and welsh hone.

The cake is decorated with halved walnuts!






Maple syrup and pecan cake

Maple syrup and pecan cakeAll mother’s day cakes come in a variety of flavors.

Extra special chocolate range available

chocolate cake with added galaxy, lindt or cadbury’s chocolate shavings or curls.

fillings from my peanut butter cream to nutella cream

also chocolate, cherry brandy cake in this range! This cake is made from organic ingredients with the addition of Canadian maple syrup and large chopped pecan nuts an pecan halves to decorate.

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