With each season of the year comes more fruit ripe and ready to pick, but with preservatives, freezing and shipments from foreign climates you can buy and use any fruit at any time of the year.

Is this right? In my opinion no, as seasonal fruit have the proper sugars in them, picked at the right time of year, they taste so much better.
Using seasonal full bodied flavor you get the best of the flavor so your cake, pudding or pie will taste at its best.

It does mean that you are limit in the flavors you can offer in any one season but, the ones you do produce will be good quality and flavor.
During a season look for locally produced ingredients, get to know the producer and look into how they produce the ingredient.

Try using organic ingredients, do a taste test using natural or organic to super market bought at cheaper cost.

Source regional recipes and tailor them to suite unique designed recipes, use ingredients that you can grow your self.

I have gardened organically all my life so for example I use rose petals from my garden to make a rose and honey cake.

Try incorporating flavors from different foods to make into cakes you would be surprised what works!

Try switching small cakes recipes into large cakes, loaves or biscuits like, mince pies into mincemeat cupcakes, mulled wine into mulled wine Christmas loaf/bar.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

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